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Four Videos

NameDescriptionFile Link
Blurring Shephard A Shephard tune, named after Roger Shephard, is a piece of music with a pitch which seams to endlessly wind up the tone scale. To accomplish that, to each tone of a (small) work many upper and lower octaves get added. The intensity of those added octaves gets lower, the further away they are from the basic tone. The piece gets repeated several times, and each note gets its pitch tunes up in a way, that a single repetition leads to shifting up a halftone. At the same time the octaves above get damped a little and the octaves below get amplified a little. With P the damping factor per octave (the next then P*P, the over-next P*P*P aso.), the factor per half tone reads \( \sqrt[12]{P} \). That way after twelve repetitions we come exaclty back to the original state.

The visualization is done using ThMAD, the composition is Opus 20 of the author.
Youtube Video
Space Odyssey 2017 An audio visualization for ThMAD, in rememberance of Stanley Kubrick's film "A Space Odyssey". Youtube Video
IFS Movie 2 A developing iterated function system (IFS). In an IFS, for a point P(x,y) a linear mapping gets applied iteratedly: P → f(P) → f(f(P)) → f(f(f(P))) → aso. In the video f will be randomly switched between f1 and f2, each of which consists of a matrix and a translation. That way we get a parameter space of sixteen dimensions (two times four for the two matrixes, two times two for the two translations, and four for the viewport), and the video is a flight through this sixteen dimensional parameter space. Youtube Video
Dragonfly's Dance An audio visualization for ThMAD for Opus 23 of the author. Youtube Video